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Europe AID Foundation is an international non-profit charitable organization. We implement viable, effective and innovative solutions to fight poverty. Our mission is to help people in need with basic necessities. The biggest problem that we aim to resolve is poverty.
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In connection with the military aggression of Russia against Ukraine, many people need help. The purpose of this project is to help people affected by the war.

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Preservation and improvement of our habitat is the task of every person on our planet. Now the people of all the Earth realize with deep concern that the planet is increasingly facing an ecological catastrophe that can destroy all forms of life on Earth. Signs of a global disaster: the presence of the greenhouse effect, destruction of the ozone layer, high concentration of polluting highly toxic and radioactive substances in the atmosphere, soil erosion, reduction of forest area, the onset of deserts, pollution of water bodies, depletion of water resources, destruction of the animal world. Threatened the very existence of man Let’s keep and multiply our planet, not destroy it!

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We are looking for ways and means to introduce scientific and technical inventions and developments made by scientists for their implementation. Despite the fact that there is a very large scientific and technical potential in the world, many technologies are frozen and are not well advanced in the world. Our goal is to bring these technologies to the international level as much as possible.

Scientists need funding to start making prototypes and bring them to industrial production for the benefit of people.

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The simplest thing is to close your eyes and not notice, say: Every man for himself. Or refer to the fact that they should be assisted by their state. And if we are indifferent to the misfortune of our neighbor, if charity is not our business, if the pain of others does not concern us, if we all the time wait for others to do everything, then ….. A society in which people quietly pass by the misfortune and pain of another person is doomed.

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Europe Aid Foundation is registered as International Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Organization according the Legal Norms of Republic of Poland and European Union. All donations and contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
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