Eurosorb and the Microbiology and Virology Institute of  Zabolotniy offers new, high-performance technology to clean up environmental pollution by oil and petroleum products.

The main advantage of the preparation is its ability to almost completely eliminate the petroleum products directly on the site of application. Wherein, as the drug itself and its interaction with components of petroleum products are environmentally friendly and do not require the collection, recycling and waste disposal from pollution sites. At the end of the cleanup process of oil contaminants in the ground remains set of fertilizers from ash wood and biomass.

Preparation decomposes a wide range of hydrocarbons: crude oil, motor, transformer, and other petroleum oils and lubricants, diesel and jet fuel, gasoline, kerosene, waste oils and other hydrocarbon-containing substance. Use of this preparation promotes effective cleaning of large areas of contaminated surface of water and soil, which is especially important in the localization and liquidation of emergency oil spills.

The result of the work will be restoration of the natural environmentally safe habitat of people, animals and plants.

This Preparation meets all the requirements of the current legislation on the microbial preparations intended for environmental clean-up of oil and petroleum products, and it has the entirely package of the necessary permits for production, storage and use.

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