To this end, the Fund has established and actively operates an advisory and advisory council for persons with disabilities. It consists of 31 people. Of these, 16 people – representatives of the executive authorities and local self-government and 15 people – representatives of public organizations and other structures, including representatives of the Europe Aid Foundation.

During the work of the council, 4 meetings were held, at which 11 issues were considered. The greatest interest was raised by such issues as the implementation in the area of the government program “Accessible drugs”, on accessibility in the region for people with limited mobility, social protection of ATO participants, veterans and persons with disabilities due to the war, parking, stopping, parking of vehicles on the ground intended for persons with disabilities, the main provisions of medical reform.

Many of the issues that people with disabilities applied to the ward were quickly resolved through close cooperation with members of the advisory and advisory council, who are representatives of the authorities. The deliberative advisory council is constantly developing, it carries out its work in accordance with modern requirements, and improves its qualitative composition.

In addition, the Zhytomyr Regional Social Protection Fund for Persons with Disabilities has developed a project for people with disabilities and, in cooperation with the Europe Aid Foundation, is seeking opportunities for its implementation.

Project name: «Strengthening of international contacts between of PwD Organizations of Ukraine and Belarus for joint solutions in the field of integration of people with disabilities in sport and tourism»

The project will be implemented in Ukraine, Zhytomyr city, Public organization (NGO) “Zhytomyr Regional Fund of Social Protection of Disabled People” and Belarus, Gomel city. In both cities clubs “Freedom” (Ukraine) were created and “Together we can all” (Belarus). Basis of this project was an idea about the synergies of efforts of different organizations in Ukraine and Belarus. It will give an opportunity to the people with disability:

  • to Develop: to go in for sports, tourism, to study cultural heritage, folk-crafts;
  • united: to create the network of clubs in district centers, that will help to enrich the knowledge and experience to them, communicating from each other;
  • to unite resources for development and collaboration, for the physical, social and psychological rehabilitation of people with disability, for integration of them in general social environment.

Unfortunately, in Ukraine there are not many organizations that is ready to help people with disability. For this reason, our aim, that people with disability could break all barriers round itself, lived by full life and enjoyed from him.

At this stage clubs have already been established and operate in both oblasts. There are 6 groups in Ukraine: checkers, chess, boccia, table tennis, billiards, arm-wrestling, as well as psychological and legal advice. In Belarus – 7 circles: dancing on carts, basketball, arm-wrestling, track and field athletics, swimming, boccia, table tennis.

In tourism, people with disabilities integrate on alloys on kayaks, which were already 30. Now we are engaged in quad bike rides.

The objectives of the project are to set up integration of people with disabilities in sport, through the creation of the club movement; to promote sports, to hold international competitions between club participants from Ukraine and Belarus; to set up integration of people with disabilities in tourism; and to carry out educational activities in clubs.

The implementation of the project is very important and there are some tangible results already achieved.

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