A group of authors of the Novotech Foundation  found a new way of generating and transforming the energy field of the earth, into clean electrical energy. For the first time proposed to use a new method of converting and generating electricity, not as an alternative, renewable energy of the twenty-first century, but as a total replacement and modernization of the current resources consumed model of world energy, which has long exhausted its potential. Instead, in order to benefit and development of mankind, the world consumption of energetics resources, causing a devastating blow to ecology on a global scale, totally lead to fatal changes in planetary processes and extinction of mankind.

Starting production of pilot samples of this development on the territory of Ukraine will contribute to the development of innovative conditions for the start of the creation of new jobs in the creative industries to be established with international legal status, guaranteeing intellectual property owners and investors multiplying their resource-target assets.

For the first time to solve the problem of power transmission without wires has taken early XX century by Nikola Tesla. But neither he nor his followers were able to solve it.

Novotech Foundation offers a method of transmitting power without wires at frequencies up to the industrial (50 – 60 Hz, the wavelength λ – 6000 km). Transmitter power 10 W is demonstrated at 600 kHz (λ = 0,5 km) at a distance of about 2 meters from the COP ~ 1, the size of the emitting and receiving antennas does not exceed 0.2 m; restrictions on the increase in power and efficiency of the transmission distance from COP ~ 1 does not exist, especially at lower frequencies. This will largely replace the existing power lines, which require large capital and operating costs, and are characterized by a substantial loss of electricity.

Antenna power transmission devices are in the form of pseudo half spheres — geometric bodies, on whose surface are implemented flatness properties of geometry of Lobachevskii.

Europe Aid Foundation is the general partner of Novotech Foundation in the framework of the implementation of this scientific invention. We develop a program to attract donations to bring this development to the industrial model.

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