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Alexey Zorin, 39 years old, former police officer. Unfortunately, an unexpected illness put the brakes on his career. The illness put him on a wheelchair. His disease is called – viral meningoencephalitis with damage of the subcortical structures of the brain with severe mechanical hemolytic anemia and cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis in addition.

In the absence in Ukraine of good diagnostics he stood at the frontier between life and death. Alexey was given a Group 1 disability on 30 September 2004. After the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbas, he and his mother, like many other people in Ukraine, became refugees in their own country. Thus, they had to move to a safer location – Kramatorsk,  Donetsk region, where they living today in a rented apartment in the status of refugees.

Currently, Ukrainian healthcare system lacks facilities for fighting certain diseases, there are no world-level patient care institution, where people, whose diseases are yet incurable by our medicine’s means, would receive help. A qualitative survey, accurate diagnosis and an ensuing surgical intervention can be done in the appropriate clinic and it costs USD 90,000.00. He also needs regular drug treatment. At least 4 courses per year, with the use of expensive drugs (Heptral, Revolade, Cerebrolysin, Thiogamma Turbo, Mexidol  in tablet case, Patontenat calcium, etc.) There is no help from the state and no hope for the future. Alexey and his mother do not have that amount of money.

There is no help from the state and no hope for the future.

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