When Eduard Pidkaura was three years, life had just begun. He frolicked and played with the same kids as he was.

The tragedy crept unexpectedly and a terrible misfortune befell the child. Terrible fire hit him. He was lucky, he survived, but …….

he has no more hands,

….his entire back, part of the neck and head has been burned, he lost 80% of the skin on that moment.

Now Eduard is 25 years old. All his life he has been struggling with his illness, but he is not going to give up. He needs a skin grafting. If you do the operation to complete skin grafts it really helps to move to your dream and feel full-fledged in communicating with your peers, develop physically without regular medical interventions.

Despite all the difficulties in his life, he remains cheerful and ready to fight on, but his family and his environment is not possible to help him. We thank everyone who responds and takes part in the collection means and distribution of this appeal. Without your help it will be difficult for him to continue to fulfill his dream!

For treatment, he need support and finance assistance from all non-indifferent. The operation is very expensive (about USD 150,000.00) and be held in Germany. His hope only to caring people, and he thanks those who can help him to gather the necessary amount. Any assistance will allow him to get some steps for his dream.

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