The opening of new centers of medical care to unprotected segments of the population, of Eastern European countries is very critical. The western regions are still pro-European and get heavy support from the EU and other western countries.

The Europe Aid Foundation is a relatively new organization funded by a group of idealistic individuals who want to improve people’s lives. This is our first major initiative and we have a vision of working with major charitable foundations to fulfill our intentions. We are very passionate, inspirational and hopeful that we can make significant improvements in health care field of Eastern European region.

This is a region under significant financial stress, and our organization as well local government leaders are quite enthusiastic and hopeful about this endeavor. There is every reason to believe that we can add great value to a weakened and very underfunded healthcare system, and we know how to take advantage of donated resources to maximize quality of care and efficiency.

We strongly believe that our new not-for-profit foundation will succeed in our efforts to improve the health care system in this region as well as work effectively with major charitable foundations.

PARTICIPANT #1: Academy of Human Health, Kyiv City Council

PARTICIPANT #2: Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №2

PARTICIPANT #3:Kyiv City Health Resort BaIneology Hospital

PARTICIPANT #4: National Center for Vocational Rehabilitation of Disabled

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Europe Aid Foundation is registered as International Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Organization according the Legal Norms of Republic of Poland and European Union. All donations and contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
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