Academy of Human Health, Kyiv City Council

This facility is a 1,000 bed complex serving a large population on the left bank of the Dnieper River in Kyiv city. The leadership and staff are quite sophisticated and challenged given the age of the facility and equipment.

The main goal of the “Human Health Academy” Center is the development of inpatient care for the maternity of support services and early childhood, and the creation of a modern university clinic at the European level to provide timely, high-quality medical care to the mother and child.

On the left bank of the city Kiev lives officially about 1 million population. Also there is a powerful development of the areas on the left bank, and this additionally about 200 000 of the population of young able-bodied and reproductive age.

The Center for Human Health Academy has reasonable ambitions to become an additional effective mechanism for solving fertility problems, development of pregnancy complications, congenital malformations of newborns, prenatal and genetic diagnostics, assisted reproductive technologies, cell therapy, pediatric surgery of early age and other diseases.

Such a powerful medical institution of the European model is extremely necessary for the Eastern Europe region, where modern world achievements in practical and scientific medicine will be concentrated, advanced and newest medical, technical and genetically engineered technologies.

Information about the medical institution

Facility Size: # Number of Beds: 1000

# Number of patients: 900 per day

Number of births: # 3500 per year
Staff: # Doctors: 400; # Nurses: 700+; # Lab Techs: 30;

# Other Providers: Neurologist; Urologist; OG/GYN; Radiologist.

Demographics: # Population served: 2.8 million; Urban.

Facility Description

This is massive facility located in eighteen different buildings, built between 1940-1990, so they are quite old. Much of the equipment being Soviet era. However, the leadership, physicians and staff are quite sophisticated, and given the appropriate resources would maximize result of support.

Many of the roooms at the Academy of Human Health, Kyiv City Council are spacious and in very good condition.

The Academy of Human Health, Kyiv City Council delivers over 3,500 babies each year.

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