National Center for Vocational Rehabilitation of Disabled

The National Center for Vocational Rehabilitation of the Disabled is one of four rehabilitation centers in the Ukraine.   All have slightly different populations and are perhaps less comprehensive than this site and not as vocationally focused as this site. It is not just a rehabilitation center for patients, but more focused on a balance of rehabilitation and education/training individuals to reintegrate back into Ukraine’s society with a technical skill that will enable the patients to be as independent as possible and employed.   Injuries are comprised of congenital diseases, auto trauma, war vets, mines and bombs planted on roads resulting in acute trauma. This is a 135-bed inpatient comprehensive rehabilitation and educational center, open for eleven months of the year.

Information about the medical institution

Facility Size: # Number of Beds: 135

# Number of patients: 120 per day

Staff: # Doctors: 7; # Nurses: 12; # Other Providers: 2 physical.
Demographics: # Population served: entire country; Urban.


Facility Description

This is a 17-year-old facility located in a pine wood forest about 20 miles from the center of Kiev.   It is a very attractive facility made up of multiple clinical buildings as well as a number of two floor “dormitories”.   They have almost no resources, working with about 115 employees and a budget of $540,000.   They have almost no budget except for salaries, and are unable to pay for fixing equipment or replacing it and have no resources to invest in their infrastructure. In spite of that fact, the facilities look impeccable and look to be in very good shape. The equipment is aged and many pieces are broken. They have the ability to store and manage supplies, but clearly, the most important need is equipment replacement as well as more up to date equipment related to the evolution of rehabilitation medicine in the last 17 years.

Individuals partaking in vocational training, readying them for employment once they are able to leave the facility.

This facility has several tubs like these that assist patients with their rehabilitation efforts.

Since the first years of its activity, the Center has been active in creating a model for the comprehensive rehabilitation of disabled people, developing and testing new forms and methods of work with disabled people, development of technology of vocational rehabilitation.

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