Eastern Europe, there are hundreds of people in need who are in a bad financial position – after covering rent and utility payments and purchasing medicine how much is left for survival?

The Europe Aid Foundation is taking care of elderly, lonely people or disabled people who are supported by small material benefits  for food, as well as by single benefits for urgent needs, completely or partially covering prescription medicine, dental and ophthalmology services and sometimes even hospital bills.

We organize our volunteers of the foundation to visit the elderly at their homes and are sometimes their only guests. The support cannot be measured only in money. The elderly often feel rejected, abandoned, worthless, but then a few good words, a visit, a small present, a sack of potatoes for winter are the things that save these people from depression and despair.

The Europe Aid Foundation takes care of vulnerable people who have no support choice. The more money that is donated, the more people there are who could receive support.

Eastern Europe is experiencing a humanitarian crisis with a record number of men, women and children in the most difficult conditions of survival. The Europe Aid Foundation throughout Eastern Europe provides support and services to thousands of people experiencing this stress and trauma. Your help will help us continue to attack the growing number of people in need.

Migrants with Polish roots

Being attentive to the needs of migrants is an essential value for us. Europe Aid Foundation supports immigrants with Polish roots who find themselves in a difficult situation.

Let’s not leave any one who in need! Let’s help them live normal, and let’s help them with our efforts! Together with you, we help people.  All  this  exists thanks to your help and your participation!

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Europe Aid Foundation is registered as International Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Organization according the Legal Norms of Republic of Poland and European Union. All donations and contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
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